Kung Pao Chicken
White meat chicken, vegetables and cashews in a spicy sauce with rice.

Are you ready for a flavor adventure? Dig into our Kung Pao Chicken – a bold and spicy option for lunch or dinner. Grab a few extra boxes because you’re sure to want to try this quick-hunger-fix again.

380 10g 3g
Microwave Instructions
1. DO NOT remove, puncture or vent plastic wrap around container.
2. Microwave wrapped container on high for 5 minutes.*
3. Let stand 3 minutes to complete cooking.
4. Carefully unwrap container as contents will be extremely hot.
5. Stir contents before eating. Enjoy!

Settling may occur. Contents sold by weight, not volume.
*Based on 1200 watt microwave. Microwave ovens vary; adjustments may be necessary to cook thoroughly. IMPORTANT: For food safety and quality, cook before eating to an internal temperature of 165°F. Keep frozen until ready to use. Refrigerate or discard any unused portion.

Please refer to actual product package for most accurate information.

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