Pork Egg Rolls
Pork and vegetables in a crispy wrapper with dipping sauce.

Things will begin to roll in your favor around snack time, appetizer time, even mealtime. That’s the good fortune of our flavorful Pork Egg Rolls, chef-inspired and created to dip to your heart’s content.

175 7g 2g
To Prepare Sauce: Remove sauce packet(s) and place in warm water to thaw.

Oven/Toaster Oven:
1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees F.
2. Place egg rolls on a baking sheet.
3. Heat for 15-20 minutes.
For best results, turn once during baking. Enjoy!

Microwave Instructions
1. Place egg rolls on a paper towel in microwave.
2. Heat on HIGH* (see chart below)
3. Let stand for 3 minutes to allow egg rolls to crisp.

To Microwave in Carton
1. Heat desired number of egg rolls in open carton on HIGH* (see chart).
2. Let stand 3 minutes to allow egg rolls to crisp.
Do not re-use carton. Caution: Carton and contents will be extremely hot.

1 Egg Roll 1 min. 15 seconds
2 Egg Rolls 2 minutes
3 Egg Rolls 2 min. 30 seconds
4 Egg Rolls 3 min. 15 seconds
*Based on 1200 watt Microwave. IMPORTANT: For food safety and quality, heat to an internal termperature of 165° F. before eating. Appliances vary. Adjustments maybe necessary to heat thoroughly. Keep frozen until ready to use. Store unused egg rolls in resealable container in freezer.
Pork Egg Rolls are also available in 9oz
Nutrition Facts for 9oz
Ingredients for 9oz

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