Our good fortune began in 1996 ...
... when Tai Pei frozen Asian-style entrées were first introduced by VIP Foods. When we launched Sweet & Sour Chicken as our first single-serve frozen entrée, our original brand name was Tai Pan®. We packaged our product in a memorable takeout-style box so people could enjoy all the elements of a fun Chinese takeout experience right at home.
... and we've built on our good fortune ...
Today, we’ve grown from one single-serve entrée to 14 varieties. Each recipe is designed to deliver a restaurant-inspired experience in your own kitchen. Combined with our lineup of Asian-style appetizers and snacks, you can enjoy without the hassle of leaving home.
... then delivered it to our customers.

All that was missing in our lineup of Asian-style cuisine was a focus on eating better. Until now … with NEW Tai Pei Asian Garden. We’ve created the only Asian-style line of single-serve entrees where eating well is deliciously easy. Each variety features whole grains, lean meats and crispy vegetables, with reduced calories, fat and sodium. They fill you up without weighing you down.

Tai Pei and Tai Pei Asian Garden – good fortune in every box.