Our good fortune began in 1996 ...
... when Tai Pei frozen Asian-style entrées were first introduced by VIP Foods. We launched Sweet & Sour Chicken as our first single-serve frozen entrée and packaged our product in a memorable takeout-style box so people could enjoy all the elements of a fun Chinese takeout experience right at home.
... and we've built on our good fortune ...
Today, we've grown from one single-serve entrée to more than a dozen varieties. Each recipe is designed to deliver a restaurant-inspired experience in your own kitchen. And they're ready to eat in just minutes.
... then delivered it to our customers.

We didn't stop with single-serve entrées. In fact, our authentic lineup of appetizers and snacks lets you serve up a variety of Asian-style flavors with friends and family – all without the hassle of leaving home.

Tai Pei – good fortune in every box.

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